Zhizhang Deng

Software Engineer

8+ years of industrial experience building clean, maintainable, and well-tested code in multiple languages with various tools, have strong and broad computer science fundamental knowledge.

Actively seeking software engineer full-time position.

My skills


Fullstack Developer Intern


Lead a team of 3, migrated important parts of the iPay CSR Admin application from using the legacy HTML model to a Angular/SynerG/Spring Boot based model, improving workflows and processes using secure methodologies

  • Implemented a new feature for the existing web application that automatically sent extracted Pay Statements from iPay to PiBrain engine using a secure environment
  • Created a website and a well-defined API to display data files received from PiBrain and made them available for download from iPay CSR Admin application through secure channels, preventing security breaches and potential bottlenecks
  • Implemented UI components using modern front-end technologies that enhanced the user experience level, increasing their satisfaction and engagement rates across multiple platforms
  • Successfully collaborated with different team members including seniors, from whom I accumulated valuable information
  • Gathered project requirements and defined short-term goals that allowed us to plan, build, and monitor technical implementations, ensuring that every task was completed on-time, within the estimated budgets

Software Engineer Intern

Supernova Aeronautic Technology, USA

Actively involved in developing an air traffic control (arrival manager) project & designed new websites and web applications for clients

  • Successfully collaborated with various clients to design and define requirements for new websites and web applications that followed their business objectives
  • Maintained complex databases hosted on Linux servers, providing optimum performance with efficient backup and restore processes
  • Deployed and maintained the company’s website and databases on Linux-based servers, enhancing operations as well as automating processes and workflows
  • Worked closely with various departments, including the administrative department and key stakeholders, proposing new solutions as a Project Lead for the Arrival Manager project that were quickly adopted and put into practice, generating expected results

Co-Founder, Developer

Phenomenal Team, China

Built a team of ~30 core people and developed an online platform based on multiple variables and complex algorithms that provides a simulation environment for the business world

  • Designed and implemented multiple simulation functionalities such as realistic currency exchange markets and supply chain management solutions, focused on improving the user experience and engagement levels
  • Planned, set up, and monitored multiple business simulation competitions with 1000+ participants, organizing and delegating roles
  • Proposed viable solutions that improved the server performance by 90%, utilizing event-driven network programming and binary TCP protocol that generated outstanding results
  • Successfully collaborated with various departments, proposing and implementing technical solutions that performed

Selected Projects


  • 2017.09.01 [grad date: 2021.05]Rutgers University - New Brunswick

    Major: Computer Science; Minor: Mathematics
    Related coursework: Deep Learning, Graph Theory, Combinatorial Theory, Math Reasoning, Operating System Design, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, Linear Optimization, Design & Analyze Algorithms, System Programming, Discrete Structures, Computer Architecture
  • 1999Birthday

    I'm born!